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Alcohol and Drug Specialist Support Service
The Health and Wellbeing team offer bespoke training for groups of young people around drugs misuse including cannabis, alcohol, legal highs, shisha smoking and other common drugs of misuse. The support is available to groups of young people aged 11 to 18 years. It addresses the dangers and consequences of drug use and will provide young people with strategies for making healthier choices.  ...

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Alcohol and Drugs 1:1 Support
Young people who are at risk/vulnerable are less likely to attend school and therefore underachieve on their target grades. Our specialist team makes use of a screening tool in order to assess and identify any one to one support that may be needed around alcohol and drugs abuse. ...

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An Introduction to Counselling Skills
This half day course will introduce  participants to some basic principles and models of counselling including the basic principles and ethics of counselling. ...

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Balanced Bodies – Tackling Obesity
Tackling obesity has become a major focus for public health in the UK since it is now one of the most obese nations in Europe. Over 23% of children starting full-time education aged 4-5 years are overweight or obese, increasing to over 33% of 10-11 year olds. This course aims to provide a practical approach to address the ever increasing issues around obesity in an informative and interactive way. ...

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Behaviour Support Service
The Behaviour Support Service (BSS) provides a range of integrated services to children and young people, parents and carers, schools and other learning providers. The BSS provides targeted support to primary pupils in mainstream schools through deployment of the Social Emotional Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) Team. The BSS networks with the four primary behaviour centres and Primary Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) and the Secondary PRU (Ellar Carr, Aireview, Jesse Street, MORE4U and Alternative Programmes. The BSS also responds to pupils excluded from scho...

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Bereavement Services
The Educational Psychology Team (EPT) provides support to schools and settings when there has been a death or critical incident. ...

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Child Sexual Exploitation
A full day training session looking at the nature of child sexual exploitation; considering the reality versus the media portrayal; grooming stages and different perpetrator profiles such as gang, individual and cyber; exploding the myths; recognising the signs and working productively in non-blaming and solution focused ways with parents and young people. ...

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Delivering PSHE through Creative Writing
A series of half-day interventions are available for young people that bring PSHE to life using creative writing. The aim would be for groups of young people to create an illustrated book covering subject matter from within a range of PSHE topics. The books are usually eight or twelve pages in size and are developed as a curriculum resource. ...

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Developing Effective School Councils
Increasingly there is greater importance being placed on schools to seek the views of pupils in all aspects of school life. This course provides teachers with an opportunity to reflect on the role and impact of the school council. It explores the meaning of an effective school council through the development of pupil voice and disseminates good practice, in an informative and interactive way. ‘If the grown-ups only asked us, we’d advise them correctly. We know better what bothers us: we have more time to think about and observe ourselves; we know ourselves bette...

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Diversity and Cohesion
The aim of Diversity & Cohesion is to promote equality, diversity, community cohesion (EDCC); affirming identity and recognising commonality for the benefit of Bradford’s children, their families and the wider community. The Diversity & Cohesion Service includes the Education Service for New Communities and Travellers, Interfaith Education Centre and the Supplementary Schools Support Service. Please see the separate entry for the Education Service for New Communities and Travellers. ...

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Education Service for New Communities and Travellers
The Education Service for New Communities and Travellers aims to ensure that all EU migrant worker, asylum seeker/refugee and Traveller children have access to a full curriculum within mainstream schools and that education is a positive experience. ...

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Education Social Work Service
The primary focus of the Education Social Work Service (ESWS) is improving school attendance and children missing education. It also has considerable involvement in safeguarding and children’s welfare.  All staff are skilled at engaging and working with the most difficult families and vulnerable children. Individual pupils are normally referred to the ESWS because significant concerns exist regarding the pupils attendance. The ESWS successfully engages with these pupils and their families and a majority of cases are closed with significantly improved attend...

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Educational Psychology Service
The Educational Psychology Team (EPT) work with children and young people from 0-19, and with the adults who are involved with them, in order to improve educational outcomes. EPs work with underachieving students, students with additional needs, students with behavioural difficulties and other students who are failing to make progress despite school based interventions. The work of the EPT involves clarification of the problem, assessment, analysis and joint problem solving. This may relate to individual students, groups or whole school issues. ...

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Exploring Aspects of PSHE through Literacy
A series of half-day courses are available for young people that bring PSHE to life using relevant literary texts. A wide range of texts are available covering the whole range of PSHE subject matter. ...

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Focus on Food
There is much attention currently being paid to the rising crisis of obesity. Unhealthy lifestyles are contributing considerably to the increase in diseases such as diabetes and diet-related cancers, but there is growing evidence that the same factors may also be responsible, in part, to the increase in mental and behavioural problems. This informative and interactive half day training session looks at practical approaches to address healthy eating. ...

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